How do you encourage staff to examine or moderate?

How do you encourage staff to become involved in examining and moderating?

Because of the benefits it brings to a centre, I think it's very important that Heads of Centre support those teachers involved in examining and moderating.  It's a responsible role which usually requires attendance at a training session.  These training sessions are critical to the teacher's understanding of how, for example, the mark schemes are applied to candidates' responses.  The important learning from these sessions where the mark schemes are discussed and finalised can be brought back to the respective subject departments feeding into evaluation and continuous improvement.  Because I recognise the importance of teachers' attendance at the training sessions, I ensure their participation is treated positively by senior management; and that we assist them by providing suitable cover.

I recognise being an examiner or moderator can be time consuming, but I ensure staff are encouraged to participate by asking those already involved to talk to their colleagues about the benefits being involved has brought both to themselves and to their departments.  However, I think that the benefits are fairly apparent anyway in terms of pupil engagement and outcomes.