What benefits are there to your centre?

What benefits are there to your centre when staff become involved in examining and moderating?

I think it gives teachers a unique insight into how the specifications they teach are assessed.  Obviously teachers teaching GCSE and GCE specifications have a valuable subject expertise.  However, being part of the examining and moderating process can enhance understanding of how the assessmetn objectives in a specification are assessed; and the differentiation between levels of response.  Really, I suppose, what can make an 'average' response 'good' and 'good' response 'outstanding' and so on.  The experience gained, I feel, carries through to the classroom both in terms of delivery and setting school based assessments which prepare candidates for the live examinations and assessments.

I think parents and governors too, recognise the benefits of teachers being engaged in the examining/moderating process and are very supportive of this.  Not only do they appreciate how it enhances the teaching and learning experience for pupils; but also how it raises the profile of the school in the community as staff are seen to be fulfilling important roles within the awarding organisations.