This note sets out the criteria we use in providing the JCQ Award for examiners. The Awards recognise the work of examiners and of schools, colleges and other providers who have made a valuable contribution to young people’s lives through their work on examining, moderating and assessing.

JCQ Award for examiners, moderators, exam setters

The JCQ award gives formal recognition to examiners, moderators and exam setters who have made a sustained contribution to examining. And to encourage them to continue examining and/or moderating for several years.

Awards are considered against the following criteria:

  • For all who have – as at summer 2021 – served as examiners for three or more consecutive academic years with the same Awarding Organisation (AO).
  • Each AO will need to have examiner records going back at least three, to work each candidate’s award. out the level of
  • For those with only two years’ service by summer 2021, it will be awarded in summer 2022.
  • In future years, awards will be offered for five or more, and ten or more, consecutive years’ active examining service.” to be consecutive


Qualifying examiners will receive a letter and certificate recognising their services to examining. The award will be something the teacher can add to their portfolio and include on their CV, providing evidence of the teacher’s commitment to ongoing CPD.

Teachers do not need to apply for the award. Each AO will collect / nominate those examiners meeting the criteria following the examination series.

  • Each AO will then issue awards to its examiners in the autumn.