Benefits of marking for Teachers

The Benefits of becoming an Examiner

  • Examining enables you to improve your teaching and the learning and progress of your students at KS4 and/or 5
  • Developing your knowledge of the specification
  • Strengthening your subject content knowledge, particularly in aspects which were not as strong
  • Developing your understanding of the mark schemes used
  • Having experience of the practical application of the mark scheme to a wide variety of responses
  • Allowing you to see common errors made by candidates
  • Improving the ways you support pupils in their development of exam technique
  • Enabling you to more easily develop exam style questions and create model answers
  • Enabling the marking of your pupils work to become more focused on the requirements of the specification and mark scheme
  • Enabling your marking to become quicker - you know the mark scheme, your marking is more focused, your setting of appropriate questions is improved