Examiners - At A Glance Guide

Senior ExaminersExaminersSenior ModeratorsModerators
Chair of ExaminersExaminerModerator
Maintains the standard at subject level.Marks candidates' scripts / responses to exam questions in accordance with a pre-defined mark scheme.Reviews centres' assessment of candidates' work, in accordance with agreed criteria and procedures.
A teacher or former teacher with expertise in a subject.Adheres to the Code of Practice and examination procedures.
Generally experienced senior examiners who have "come through the ranks" to take on additional duties.
May have a deputy chair for ad hoc help.
Chief ExaminerVisiting ExaminerVisiting Moderator
Maintains the standard at specification or qualification level.Examiners who visit centres to mark performance-based components, rather than scripts.Moderates performance-based components.
Supervises principal examiners.Checks a centre's marking of candidate performance, rather than moderating assessments marked by a centre.
Is a principal examiner or moderator for one unit within the specification.
Reports to the chair of examiners.
Principal ExaminerTeam Leader (examiner)Principal ModeratorTeam Leader (moderator)
Maintains the standard at unit or component level.Marks candidate scripts and guides and co-ordinates a team of examiners to ensure they are marking to the agreed standard.Ensures units that are assessed by centres meet the required standards.Moderates centre assessments and guides and co-ordinates a team of moderators to ensure they are moderating to the agreed standard.
Acts as both lead assessment writer and lead examiner, unless the role is split.Reports to chief examiner.
Reports to the chief examiner.Larger subjects may also have an assistant principal moderator to share the load.
Larger subjects may also have an assistant principal examiner to share the load.

The Chair and Chief Examiner are responsible for maintaining standards across both examined and moderated units within a specification.